-PACK classes have a cap size. Once a class is full, no more students will be registered for that class.

-Your child’s spot is secured upon receipt and confirmation of registration information and $25 registration fee.

-Tuition is due in full before the first class of the session. If you prefer to pay monthly, please contact Ms. Jess to set up payment plan. If student withdraws from program after the second class of the session, tuition will not be refunded/full tuition is still owed. Students may not attend class if tuition is not paid or payment plan has not been confirmed by week 1.

-If you choose a payment plan, there will be a $10 late fee for tuition received after the first class of every month.

-$35 fee for returned checks

-Absences are disruptive to the progression of productions, and disrespectful to the other students. Excessive absences will not be tolerated.

-Prompt pick-up and drop-off MUST be observed. After 5-minute grace period, PACK will charge $10 per five minutes late.

-Casting is the responsibility of the directors, and is taken very seriously. Please do not contact PACK teaching artists regarding casting decisions. We appreciate your cooperation and support!

-All dance students will be assessed during week one of the session for correct level placement. If a student is not in the correct level, he or she will be moved into the class best suited for skill level. Safety is our first priority, and a student is at risk of injury if not placed in correct level. 

-PACK rehearsals/classes are closed. Thank you so much for your cooperation. If you must enter the space before class is over, please refrain from talking on your cell phone.

-PACK will try to accommodate make-up rehearsals due to weather, but because of the set schedule, this is not always possible.

-All Production level classes will perform in one musical per semester. Parents are responsible for “production fee” of $35 per student per semester.

-All rehearsals are mandatory.

-PACK will produce our original adaptation of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN on Saturday, December 7th, Sunday December 8th & Saturday, December 14th. PACK Performance Company will produce our original project MARY SHELLEY on Sunday, December 15th. Details to follow. Please save the dates!

Dress Code:

– Musical theatre students must wear clothing they can dance in. Ballet or jazz shoes preferred but not required. Hair off face and pulled up.

– Ballet shoes, tights and leotard for Modern Ballet class. Wrap skirts or fitted dance shorts may be worn. Warm-ups allowed at the barre. Hair off face and pulled up.

– Hip Hop students must wear sneakers or jazz boots that are designated for dance only. No street shoes!

– For recommendations on purchasing tap shoes, please email philly.pack.studio@gmail.com

-Creative Movement students do not have to wear tights and leotard, but may if preferred. Clothing should allow for freedom of movement. Ballet slippers are required for these sections.